And about the cotton panties with drawings I am speaking today.

I don’t think that’s a funny thing. You don’t have to have any childhood trauma either. In every woman, whatever age it is, different personalities are hidden, which then become “roles”. And these different “roles” we adapt them to the occasion.

So, children’s panties, there’s nothing strange about women who have passed the thirties.

Puppies, unicorns, pineapples, flamingos, Hello Kitty, Characters of Dragon Ball.. Everything is allowed and accepted. Since women decide what panties we will wear.

And that’s non dependant if boys like it or not.

Because, who you have to like is only you. Remember our motto: “I’m not here to like anyone other than myself.”


Cotton panties with drawings


And here is a test: according to the study of an intimate hygiene company, more than 80% of womens have in their drawer panties like we are talking in this post. Disney drawings, children’s prints and children’s characters. This study conducted between 600 women between 16 and 45 years, the first to be done about this topic, shows that effectively, the use of panties with children’s prints, is much more widespread than we think. Well, that’s a lot more common.

And there’s nothing wrong with that, we talked about it in the afternoon coffee… That if this pantys are going to put him or you out of mood when you have plan (why? I do not understand). Most men, what really arouses the most primal instinct, is the touch of your skin… And little do you notice if you wear a Unicorn Panties or you put on dominatrix‘s panties. And it’s not that the panties are not a weapon of seduction, it is. I mean, in the context “Here I catch you, here I kill you”, those details, are ignored in the male mind. That in those moments is somewhat lower than the head…

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And for sample, then a button.

Puppies, tea mugs, tartan plaids, roses… And a multitude of the cutest prints.

We don’t judge anyone here. If you are one of those who wear this kind of panties, I think it’s great. Your spirit will keep staying young for a long time.

Until next article Pantyfans!

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