MyPantyBox.Com is a subscription service to receive a panty every month along your regular mail on your home, wherever you live. The panty you will receive will come in a plain envelope, totally brand free for your privacy. The panty is diferent every month, and its a surprise. We Encourage you too play our Video

At time you are making your order, please choose MIX (NO THONGS).

Take a look to the gallery, which are examples of panties we are or were shipping, for you too see and realize about the quality, beauty, and feminity of our underwear. Our service is based on shipping a panty for you or your gifted one to be surprised

YES, please. You can use the notes box on your checkout, or aditionally ,you can email us with your messages for each month

Yes, we have all range of size, from super small to extra extra large (4x).Please visit our size chart page.

Our packaging is a brand free ,totally plain envelope. Is like a regular mail. Coming from our generic name “ITE”

Our packaging is a brand free ,totally plain envelope. Is like a regular mail. Coming from our generic name “ITE”

Please visit our size page, to get advise on our sizes charts, containing European sizes as well.

You can choose, THONGS, to receive only Thongs on all the months of your subscription period, or you can choose MIX, so we will be receiving diferent randomly choosen styles.If you want to receive a mix, but hate Thongs, just choose MIX (NO THONGS)

No, sorry. Our service is to receive a monthly gift, and this is exactly the idea. To receive a gift, month after month, and surprise or be surprised every month.

We actually are shipping worldwide. We didn´t have any customs rejection or issues, shipping to all continents.

We can change your size on profile at any time, so just let us know, and we will change it for the next delivery.

We can not accept returns for any reason, due to hygienic. If you are unhappy with anything, please let us know, and we will do our best to change it.

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