Panties styles for every occasion and situation

Femininity, elegance, and comfort, both for business everyday life, relaxed afternoons and for special evening occasions are connected with comfortable panties styles. Check our Underwear Subscription Box offer. Some of the models will delight with extremely thin lace finish without elastic, which will look invisible under clothes.

All of your favorite panties styles are available in the eternal white, black or in skin color. Also you can find them in different sizes and for the even more diverse tastes of modern women.

Comfortable daily panties styles for every day tweaking, lace romance, elegance and minimalism in the jacquard, sophistication of binding and a bit transparency.

To shorten the story. We have selected five most important underwear models that you should have for every occasion and situation.

Exercising Panties style

Exercising Panties style
Panties with natural materials.


You may have thought so far that you don’t need it, but here we are to assure you otherwise. Panties styles that you wear during training where you sweat a lot have to be of natural materials that let the air out and thus don’t retain moisture. In this way, your sensitive skin in the buttocks and the vaginal area will remain dry and fresh.

Laser cut panties style

Invisible Panties, laser cut style
Invisible Panties, laser cut style


This kind of panties style is ideal for formal occasions in which you want to wear a tight dress from sensitive materials. These panties are invisible, and will also provide you with exceptional comfort. Clean cut panties don’t have end seams or elasticity in the waist nor in the cutout. Therefore, without worry, the panties will be invisible under the clothes. The minimalist look provides a perfect fit and you know it almost flies with the skin.

Sexy panties

Sexy Panties for all Woman
Sexy Panties for All Woman.


It’s a mistake to think that you need to wear this kind of panties style only when you are with your partner. No, you need to wear this kind of panties every time you want to feel sexy and seductive. No matter if you expect a hot evening or not. With them you will gain even greater confidence. They are perfect for the time when your mood is at a minimum level.

You know in “nude” nuances

Nude Comfy Panties
Nude Comfy Panties


These panties style are perfect when wearing transparent clothes. Also, they are good for the season of purchasing swimwear because you will best see how the selected piece fits you.

The underwear is the base of the entire style and therefore very important. You should feel comfortable in it (almost as if you do not have it). The best panties styles are from pure cotton. Given that many ladies wear it 24 hours a day, you need to have a few different models in your drawer.



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