Help to Choose MyPantyBox size

Measuring Tips to Assure The Best Fit for MyPantyBox



Take the tape measure and place it around your body above the navel. Adjust the meter but do not squeeze it.
Write the measurement.


Take the tape measure, put it around your bottom, at the height of the hip, the part that protrudes more from your contour. Adjust the meter loosely, but without loosing it.
Write the measurement.


If in doubt, or just between 2 sizes, always choose the next up size. Ex: If in doubt choosing M or L, always choose L.

If your subscription is a gift, and you can not measure that person, you have two options: Get in their closet and find out the size of her panties, or ask in a subtle way what size she use.
TOTAL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you do not like the panty you receive, it drops, it squeeze you, it's not your style, the fabric is not cool...Please,tell us! ... We will send you ANOTHER one WITHOUT COST for you!

Size Chart equivalent to MyPantyBox Sizes

SIZEWaist InchWaist CentHips InchHips Cent

All dimensions are given in Centimeters and inches

This are just just some examples of panties already sent. We produce thousands of different designs.

Sexy Line Subscription


From 10 Usd/each
For the most risky. Panties, thongs and culottes with openings, with transparencies, even with garters. In a word, SEXY.

This line with its adjective says it all, we can add little.
How is she? Sparkling, daring, insinuating and sensual?
Does she like to stand out and enhance her charms whenever she can?
Maybe, shameless at some point?
Her closet is full of tight clothes and some transparency?
Bodys with peak necklines and stiletto shoes?
Her favorite color of lipstick is red?

She is the woman of our SEXY line.

Minimal panties, G-Strings, culottes to show the “cheek”.
All the panties, thongs and culottes of our SEXY line have those details that you can not see in any other piece. Panties with Open Crotch opening, thongs with garter belts, culotte with frills … a whole range of panties with a bestial fantasy, which her will fall in love at first sight.

The sexy line, even with a great manufacturing quality, gives more importance to sensuality than to comfort.

In short, our SEXY line, is…SEXY!.

Choose More months and SAVE More!SEXY LINE
3 MONTHSUSD 39.95 Signup Fee - Includes 3 monthly deliveries with Free Shipping Worldwide
(13.32 Usd Each Panty)
6 MONTHSUSD 72 Signup Fee - Includes 6 monthly deliveries with Free Shipping Worldwide
(12 Usd Each Panty)
12 MONTHSUSD 120 Signup Fee - Includes 12 monthly deliveries with Free Shipping Worldwide
(10 Usd Each Panty)

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Size Help


If you do not like the panty you receive, it drops, it squeeze you, it’s not your style, the fabric is not cool…Please, tell us! …

We will send you ANOTHER one WITHOUT COST for you!

You will be able to throw it away, gift it, or return it for our MyPantyBox® Fundation, where we will donate it to disadvantaged sectors of society, and NON Profit Organisations.

No Auto-Renewals:

Your subscription will NOT be renewed automatically. We will send you an email few days before the end of the subscription, to ask you for manual renewal.

We charge the total amount of your subscription at signup Only. When the subscription ends, if yo do not want to renew it, you do not have to do anything. It will Expire and you will NOT be charged again.

Video Messages:

Surprise Her with your own Video Message.

You can record a video message with your phone and upload it into our system, every month.

Once you pay your subscription you will be be able to upload this video on your Customer Page. We will add instructions for the receiver of the panty inside each delivery, so she can view your message once she receives her monthly Panty.


You can modify the delivery address and the size of your subscription at any given time.  We only wants you be 100% happy!

*Note: You will be able to warn us about allergies, or any fabric, color or anything else that you do NOT like to receive, AND choose/Writte a message for the first delivery, on the checkout page.