The color of your red panties betray your intentions, in case you didn’t know. The choice of a color cannot be casual. The information that comes out speaks for you, is a “spying goat.” You want to know what it says?

Have you ever wondered why you wear the red color in your panties?tradition, fetishism, or mere coincidence? As well as when choosing a T-shirt or a dress the tonality conditions us, when it comes to dress our interior, little is the attention that we lend or that we believe, here acts our subconscious. Yes, there’s something our conscious brain doesn’t control directly. However, although the color of the panties appears to be in the background, the information that comes out of it is very important. Aren’t you curious to know what your boy thought the first day he saw you panties? Well let’s dive a little more on this issue.

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How we love to document ourselves, and we don’t talk BS…. We tell you a curiosity: Because the red color in the panties comes from distant times, the Middle ages specifically. Legend has it that in those times, full of prohibition, especially for the lower classes… It related the color red with witchcraft and the demon; That was the motive by which the red color could not be taught in the outside clothes. At the same time it also began to believe that the red color attracted vitality and good luck, so as it could not be shown on the outside.. So the way was to do it in the “inside”.

Marianne Stokes [austriaca, pintora británica prerrafaelista, 1855-1927]



Obvious? And everybody knows it: To receive the New year, put on red panties and after the 12 grapes, burn them!!! A “Vox Populi” ritual

The most widespread and popular tradition, which is made effective not only in Spain, but in many countries of Latin origin.

Now, what concerns us is that they say your red panties of you, regardless of the date of the year when you wear them and if you live in the Middle Ages or the digital age. And although it seems very obvious the red color transmits not only passion at the erotic or carnal level, but passion for life, extra doses of optimism, vitality by a tube, it infects us with dynamism, injects a chute of energy , and transmits warmth

So you know… Red panties are not just for the end of the year!

Las bragas rojas NO son solo para FIN DE AÑO!!





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