WOODTHERAPY: To be beautiful in panties

That every day you look in the mirror in panties?
We know that the Cellulite, besides a lot of genetics and hormones…, has a part that although we can not eradicate altogether, we can help to see less or/and improve their appearance, namely:  Yes You eat healthier (Real food, and not ultraprocessed…) More vegetables, more fruits and all fresh,  If possible very little cooked and with few fats; Also very important, If you smoke, leaveit, and not only for the health of your skin but for your overall health;  And The exercise, you do not have to suddenly be a semi-professional runner running 15 kilometres a day, or join all classes of the GYM… With walking in a good way for a while every day, and activate your circulation whenever you have occasion, will help a lot to the health of your skin. and water, lots of water… It is essential to improve the overall appearance of our skin and in particular that of the happy Orange Peel..

Aesthetic treatments? YES, OF COURSE!!

But besides this, we must not forget to take care of our skin in such rebellious areas. And nowadays there are a thousand and one aesthetic treatments, to which “fall in love with” and that improve the aspect of our cellulite.
This weekend, we’ve been told that this is the WoodTherapy, an oriental massage technique, very natural, which applied to the bum.. It does wonders!!.
With rollers, tables and other tools made of natural wood; Combined with a manual massage; Drain and mold thighs and buttocks in a spectacular way! Normally the treatment is divided into 3 phases: 1-preparations with lymphatic massage, 2-moulding massage with essential oils and 3-massage with wooden utensils, this last phase is the one that will really sculpt our “Booty” in a deep and effective way. Usually the session goes from 30 minutes to 90, but it all depends on the center of Aesthetics and the time you have….

There is also the possibility to make yourself with the utensils and make yourself the treatment at home, type DIY (do it yourself), but has its joke, because in certain parts you will have to ask for help or practice of passing the contortion:-). Importantly, utensils (rollers, shovels, cups, ect…) must be natural wood, and can be found on Amazon and Ebay from 12 euros.

In any case, and since we have to live with it, let’s take care of our orange peel… Care it a little… And we will look with much more love in front of the mirror in panties!

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